Steel Plant Simulation

Discrete event simulation tailored to steelmakers



Evaluate your new plant's performance before you invest/build it.

By simulating the complete steel plant with all interactions and transports, we reliably test if the designed productivity for various production scenarios will be reached. Additionally, we can compare different layout alternatives and machine configuration concepts to further optimize them, so you get the best output from your investment!



See the impact of new equipment on your existing plant.

In brownfield or expansion projects, there is a risk that new equipment is not perfectly placed or that the existing transport equipment is limiting the performance of the new plant. New bottlenecks can occur and can reduce the envisioned performance. Using simulations, we can stress test the new steel plant concept and see second or third level consequences.


Continuous Improvement

Test new production procedures and scenarios with your existing equipment.

Sometimes, it is hard to test new approaches within an operating plant. Simulation can be used to study how changes affect a plant or a standard practice without disturbing or interfering production.

Features you will love

There is a lot we have to offer. Here are the highlights you will experience by using our simulation service.

From Expert to Expert

Effective Communication

You don't need to explain to us how a steel plant works, we are metallurgists ourselves.
Instead, we can focus entirely on what makes your plant unique and start answering your questions immediately!

Made for Steelmakers

Get results fast

Special problems require special tools.
We have developed our own simulation toolbox which is tailored to solve the problems of steel making. With this approach, we can model your production scenario in-depth in no time!

Awesome Visualization

Visualization is insight

  • 3D Animation
  • Interactive Gantt Charts
  • Dynamic KPIs and Statistics
  • Utilization Charts and Histograms
  • ... and more

Easy Access

Online web application

To trust a simulation, you have to see for yourself!
You get full access to our online simulation viewer where you can view the simulated data with our advanced visualization techniques.
Share it with your team, the management - whoever needs to see it. No installation required!

Have a look for yourself and check out our simulation viewer

simulation viewer

Project Workflow

1. Define

Send us your layout and your objective. Together we discuss the scenarios and variations to simulate and the project road map.

2. Simulate

We will model your steel plant and simulate the defined scenarios and variations.

3. Analyze

View and analyze the simulation for yourself in 3D, Gantt-views, etc... We discuss the results and some possible improvements and start simulating again.

Let's Talk

If you are interested or need more information about simulations, get in contact with us and we will happily help you!

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Why simulations?


Building a new steel plant or modifying an existing bears great risks for its stakeholders. By simulating the new situations, uncertainties can be effectively minimized.

Beyond current experience

Steelmakers have a lot of experience. Though sometimes they have to answer questions which are beyond what they have experienced so far. By simulating, we can provide additional know-how to production scenarios without running actual live tests.


Often, the effects of altered equipment or parameters are understood qualitatively. But to understand the impact on OPEX, quantitative results are necessary. In our simulation, all results are quantitatively measurable.

Time and money

Using simulations, you can run experiments in a fraction of the time and the costs required to perform them live and in the real word.

Our mission

"We want to make Discrete Event Simulation the default tool for green field or expansion projects in steel plants"

Discrete Event Simulation (DES) is still rarely applied when designing new steel plants or optimizing and expanding the production of existing plants. We are here to change this by creating a simulation software and consulting service tailored to the needs of steel makers.