FACTORYSENSE Crane Simulation

Software to analyze and schedule transportation equipment in production systems with respect to internal portal crane transports. Featuring automatic crane assignment based on optimization algorithms, key performance indicators, and interactive visualization.



1 Definition of material flow as a consequence of crane capacity

2 Scenario simulation to determine the number of required cranes

3 Calculation of crane trajectories in 3 dimensions (x-, y-, and z-axis)

4 Feasibility check for production schedules


  • Automatic crane scheduling
  • Assignment of transport orders to cranes
  • Optimization based on mixed integer and linear programming solvers
  • Advanced Visualization

  • Gantt-chart to visualize transports of specific crane bridges over time
  • Interactive rendering of crane, bridge, and trolley position in a scaled layout
  • Sankey-diagram for material flow evaluation
  • Charts to provide information about the crane position and order backlog over time
  • Interactive histograms to visualize statistical distributions of key performance indicators
  • Analysis grid for key performance indicators
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    FACTORYSENSE Steel Control

    Analysis software featuring production planning and scheduling for steel making plants.


    Combine data from FACTORYSENSE Steel Control and FACTORYSENSE Crane Simulation and transform it into stunning 3D visualizations over time.


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