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Custom software development

Selected Expertise

We have an industry-proven expertise in the fields of simulation of logistical processes, metallurgical modeling, optimization of production schedules, as well as advanced visualizations including interactive Gantt charts.

Logistic Simulation

We use discrete event simulation to simulate complex interactions between machines, plants, and transport equipment.

Production optimization

We have great experience with generic algorithms and mixed integer linear programming. However, the final selection is depending on your specific problem.

Advanced Visualization

Visualization is the key to understanding and learning. Therefore, we develop customized charts, e.g., dynamic Gantt charts, to make your data fully comprehensible.

Metallurgical models

Our modelling toolbox is growing continuously. It includes specialized thermodynamics databases, heat transition models, as well as mass and energy balances.

Applied Technologies

Excel Solutions

The simplest solution is often the best one!
If applicable, we encourage to use Excel and its rapid development possibility. We provide only what you really need and you can later tweak and modify it on your own. Get ready faster!

Web / Desktop software

Web and desktop applications both have their advantages in different areas.
We build your custom application with the technology you prefer. Not sure which? We will help you to pick the best solution!


You have data to connect to?
We can connect to any common data source, like SQL databases, text-based files (e.g., CSV), or Excel files.

Let's Talk

If you have an idea you want to discuss or if you already have a software specification, get in contact with us and we will help you bring your software to life.

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