BOF Calculator

A ready-to-use Converter Process Model which you can fully customize to your specific needs.
Implement your own statistical findings in the model and increase the hitting rate.


Limitless calculation options

The BOF Calculator can be adapted to your specific steel making practice.

1 Order calculation

Calculates the hot metal and scrap weight necessary for a predefined tapping weight and temperature.

2 Adjustment of coolants

Updates the required coolant weight for a predefined hot metal and target tapping temperature.

3 Heat calculation

Calculates the steel and slag analysis and the tapping temperature for a given charge material mix.

4 Slag conditioning

Finds the correct weights of slag builders (lime, dolo, etc.) to reach the required basicity, MgO content, and slag weight.

Open know-how

We don't hide what's underneath the hood. Access and review all implemented know-how of the process model.

Metallurgical equations

Use your own empirical functions (e.g., for the P distribution) without losing any functionality.

Customize yourself

Your are not depending on us. Directly implement new statistical findings and use them immediately for your calculation.

Get started immediately

Just install the software wherever you need it and you are good to go.

How to use it

Get the product deployed according to your requirements

  • No installation required
  • Automatic updates
  • No additional deployment costs
  • Data encryption in transit and at rest
  • Free for students
  • Offline availability
  • Manual updates
  • User data is saved locally

In-house server
  • Data is stored within your network
  • Users can share data
  • Manual updates

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The heat calculation takes only a fraction of a second, even for complex calculations with multiple targets.


Modify the caluclation targets or change the underlying metallurgical equations. The BOF Calculator is flexible to your inputs!


See for yourself! The user interface has a modern design and is not overloaded with information. It lets you can focus on the important things.

Test the BOF process model yourself

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